La reseña en inglés (por European Irish)

Me ha hecho mucha ilusión. ¡Me han traducido al inglés! Bueno, sólo la reseña de momento… Ha sido por gentileza de European Irish, una red de información para los irlandeses que viven en la Europa continental: «written with the taste and sense of humour typical from the Irish stories». Me encanta cómo suena eso. [Ver original].

La Mirada del Bosque, Chesús Yuste’s first thriller about Ireland.

Readers interested in Irish Culture will be delighted to find Chesús Yuste’s first novel at the most important bookshops soon. For all of us who have a special relationship with Ireland, his name is familiar, as he has been editing a blog about Ireland for many years (Lonely Planet said about it that it was the best blog about Ireland in Spanish). This is quite an active blog, featuring the latest political and social news, Irish-Spanish links, curiosities and even a weekly Gaelic course.

According to this novel Facebook page, the argument is this: Emily Donoghue is found dead in a small Irish village located in the beautiful County of Donegal. This will be the first murder committed in Ballydungael in the last seventy years. This issue will be a challenge for the influential groups in the village: a teacher who is also a famous writer, the major, the radio newsreader, the Priest from St. Columba y the young doctor, newly arrived. They all will try to help the Garda to solve this case. The six of them usually meet for dinner every Wednesday and they talk about the crimes written by the local novelist. But this time, they will meet to talk about a real crime.

A full mosaic of characters appears in this thriller, written with the taste and sense of humour typical from the Irish stories and with the background of Ireland in 1992: a landowner shut away in his castle, an artist who paints naked, a mysterious woman who lives in the forest, an inspector full of complexes, a minister who cannot pronounce “Ballydungael”, a lost man asking for directions, a Chinese who speaks Irish… and the frontier of division that marks their lives.

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2 respuestas a La reseña en inglés (por European Irish)

  1. bruno dijo:

    Hombre!. Gracias por elegir Donegal como escenario de tu novela. Otro motivo.

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